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Mega Loads Equal Mega Danger

2012 November 12

If you have ever seen a really large semi-tractor, whether it be a mobile home or a wind turbine,  on the highway, that’s the way the trucking industry wants it. The more that common drivers notice mega loads as they are called in the industry, the safer other drivers and operators of mega loads will be.  Awareness equals safety.

Mega loads, not surprisingly, are the topic of a great deal of controversy on the trucking and transportation community.  Most drivers find them to be an incredibly large nuisance, however to the industries that they serve they are indispensable.  Some believe that mega loads are a simple and efficient use of the highway system, while others believe that mega loads are a hassle that are dangerous.

The major problems with these loads are the damage they do to roads and the possibility of serious accidents with incredible clean-up costs. In Illinois, especially Central Illinois, these types of mega loads are typically associated with transporting wind turbine equipment.  Such loads are common place on Interstate 74 and Interstate 72.

A typical automobile driver should be on high alert when approaching a mega load.  Furthermore, remember that, even though the operator of the mega load is responsible for its own actions, and likely has significant insurance coverage for such loads, it is smart to proceed around mega loads with caution.  Most times when collisions happen with mega loads and regular cars, the driver of the regular car is injured.

Is it dangerous?

Yes.  However, simply because a practice is dangerous, it does not logically follow that such a practice will be outlawed.

This means that it is up to you to drive defensively and be careful.

If you have been injured as part of a collision that was the fault of a mega load truck, please call Ryan R. Bradley for a free consultation.


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