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Illinois Meningitis Victims Rise

2012 November 4
by Ryan Bradley

The wave of sickness sweeping across the nation as a result of the fungal meningitis outbreak set on motion by tainted steroid injections from New England Compounding Center has reached Illinois.  Attorneys in the consumer protection community across Illinois are preparing for lawsuit to help those impacted by the outbreak get compensation for their injuries. 354

An individual in Chicago is the first person in Illinois to be linked to the fungal meningitis outbreak.  This fact was recently confirmed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the case Saturday. Melaney Arnold with the Illinois Department of Public Health referred to it as a “probable” case and said authorities were still waiting on laboratory confirmation.

Nationally the outbreak is due to 17,000 vials of a steroid used for pain relief were recalled after investigators found three lots were contaminated by a fungus that can cause meningitis and strokes.

The Massachusetts pharmacy has held an Illinois pharmacy license since 2010, and Illinois regulators are monitoring the situation.  Furthermore there is another pharmacy, Infusion resource, also in Massachusetts, is no questionable.

Tennessee has been hit the hardest by the outbreak with six deaths and has now effectively revoked the pharmacy’s license in that state. Illinois reported last week that a Chicago resident is the state’s first probable case of fungal meningitis linked to the outbreak. Illinois Department of Public Health spokeswoman Melaney Arnold said Monday that the patient is hospitalized in stable condition and receiving treatment. An estimated 350 Illinoisans may have been exposed to the product at three clinics operated by APAC Centers for Pain Management.

Infected patients have developed symptoms from one to four weeks after being injected with the steroid medication, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC advises patients at risk to remain vigilant for symptoms for several months after the injection. It is important to note that the strain of meningitis that is at issue is not able to be passed from person to person.

If you believe that you have received one of these tainted injections, please contact a doctor and a lawyer to protect your right.


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